Enriched is deeply committed to facilitating personal growth and creating innovative learning experiences. Our focus on learning is divided into two broad themes; training interventions and personal development workshops. The training interventions impart learning that improves employees’ productivity and interpersonal skills. The personal development workshops fill an essential need for holistic development and individual growth.

Our workshops offer simple yet powerful solutions to:

– Cultivate fruitful relationships in the workplace and beyond

– Persevere through difficulties and set-backs

– Have greater success with people

– Manage stress better

– Overcome negative and limiting mindsets

– Grow in leadership

Our team of trainers have focused their energy on developing learning engagements that are interactive, dynamic and memorable. The seminars and workshops employ icebreakers, case studies, role plays, interactive exercises, activities and media. Our approach to training is, people learn best when they are enjoying themselves. We strive to keep the sessions upbeat and fun with a touch of humor.

Workshop Topics

In addition to some of the core topics we deliver, we create customized learning engagements based on the needs of an organization.

Vision Mapping

Vision Mapping

Despite the fact that goal-setting has been around for a number of years it's surprising to learn that a very small percentage of the world's population use goal setting as a tool for achieving their dreams.
Vision mapping takes the concept a step further by developing a roadmap and a timeline for achievement of the goal. Through this seminar participants will learn how to:
a) Create a prioritized list of the most important areas in their life.
b) Gain a clear and precise vision of what they want to achieve.
c) Write a vision statement.
d) Create goals, steps and tasks for achieving the vision.
e) Set target completion dates for each task, step and goal.


It's a well established fact that the success of a sports team, company, organization or movement is in direct correlation to the unity and cooperation of its core team members. A unified team is a result of each member understanding the role that team-working plays and being an active participant in its creation. This session works on embedding the teamwork concept in the beliefs and value systems of the participants and imparts useful tools for creating a cooperative culture.
Appreciating Differences

Appreciating Differences

Appreciation, acceptance and acknowledgment are three basic human needs. Sadly, due to increased pressures, stress and busy schedules people are withering internally as a result of a lack of appreciation and acknowledgment. Once the skills of appreciation are learned one is a joy to be around and brings an energy and warmth to any situation. Additionally, learning to appreciate the uniqueness and variety that one brings to the table, enables teams to build on strengths and operate smoothly in a multi-cultural environment.
Mind, Body, Spirit, Balance

Mind, Body, Spirit, Balance

Learn how to handle, recharge and maintain one's internal engine to stay motivated and energized on a daily basis. Through developing healthful habits like meditation, disconnecting from the work, imbibing positive input and other tried and proved methods you can avoid burn-out and reduce the risk of stress related illnesses. Through this workshop learn to give your body, mind and spirit what it requires for optimal performance.

Learned Optimism

Learned Optimism

Based on the work pioneered by father of positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, this workshop will aid participants in focusing and building on the positive in their lives. It provides exercises that can be utilized when faced with negative or disappointing circumstances. It engenders a practice of turning difficulties into stepping stones for progress and it motivates you to be all that you can be. As George Bernard stated, “This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy."
Persevering through the Dip

Persevering through the Dip

Persevering through the Dip is a motivational workshop on how to weather the storms of life and come through stronger and better instead of bitter. Punctuated with numerous real life examples, participants will discover that every problem can be turned into an opportunity. This workshop gives practical tips and tools that can be used to forge ahead when going through tough times.

Enriched is built around the idea that life can be lived fully, richly and enjoyably despite the challenges and setbacks which we all face.

At Enriched we teach, we design and we inspire.

We teach concepts and principles that help people improve their lives.

We design events and experiences that are enriching.

We provide resources for people to be inspired about their own life and be an inspiration to others.

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