At Enriched we offer a non-judgmental, confidential environment for individuals to work on areas that are important to them and set up a structure for sustainable growth.

We work with individuals to identify mind-sets and modes of operation that are no longer serving them and help them chart out new paths for progress.

Our accredited personal coaches have been working with people from all walks of life and have a passion for seeing people grow and reach their full potential.

The services we offer include:

  • Setting goals and developing a roadmap for reaching the goals
  • Exploring new empowering perspectives and outlooks
  • Finding solutions to a dilemma or problem situation
  • Providing accountability for new actions a person wishes to take
  • Creating a support structure for new modes of operating to take root
  • Giving a listening ear and feedback for people to bounce off ideas and explore options
  • Helping individuals apply new learning and insights into everyday life

We are convinced that the coaching experience is enriching and transformative.


The Coaching Program

Over 85% of people who have experienced coaching have been able to achieve powerful positive change in their lives!


"Coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, results oriented and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee." - Definition by Association for Coaching


Honoring the client as the expert in his/her life and work. Believing that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. Standing on this foundation, the coaches responsibility is to: discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve; encourage client self-discovery; elicit client-generated solutions and strategies; hold the client responsible and accountable.


There are two basic components in the coach and coachee relationship, one is process and the other is content. The coach is in charge of the processes such as: ensuring that the coachee sets clear goals, strategies and actions; holding the coachee accountable; keeping the coachee's focus on track and the coachee is in charge of the content, such as: choosing the area of the coaching; creating the specific goals, strategies and actions to be worked on; deciding upon the time frame.


The coaching process follows a structured framework, beginning with defining three inspiring goals, then moving into setting strategies and action planning, reviewing actions, applying new insights and deepening learning, and ending with celebration of the achievement.


The engagement has a specific time frame in which it operates. Coaching sessions which are approximately an hour in duration can happen in person or over the telephone depending on the agreement. The coaching engagement is a journey with a beginning, middle and end with measurable outcomes and deadlines. It is based on the premise of, “where are you now, where do you want to be, and what will you do about getting there.” The agenda in coaching is the coachee's agenda for themselves and their future.


Working with a professional coach will:

Help coachees gain clarity around what they are looking for, their goals, and aspirations.
Motivate coachees to reach for their goals, because they will be setting goals which are important and inspiring for them.
Create momentum to propel coachees towards their goals. The ongoing support from a coach will build on each step that is taken and thus create even more success.
Keep coachees accountable for what they say and do. Regular coaching sessions will keep them on track and responsible for their results.
Increase the coachee's confidence, because each success achieved will build on the previous one. They will learn new ways of building their confidence and becoming a person that realizes their full potential!

Enriched is built around the idea that life can be lived fully, richly and enjoyably despite the challenges and setbacks which we all face.

At Enriched we teach, we design and we inspire.

We teach concepts and principles that help people improve their lives.

We design events and experiences that are enriching.

We provide resources for people to be inspired about their own life and be an inspiration to others.

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