Enriched is a consulting firm working to bring about positive transformation on an individual and organizational level.

We provide nurturing platforms where individuals and teams can cultivate new empowering behaviors and mindsets. We are committed to the hard work of change management to realize progress and growth.

With a team of consultants that think and act from the heart Enriched brings to the table a fusion of result oriented solutions with a people oriented approach.


Areas of Focus

Personal Growth

Mental and Emotional Well being

Happiness at the workplace

Balanced Living

Stress Awareness

Resilience Training

Physical Health



We provide a listening and ombudsmen service for large organizations.

We work with individuals in a coaching program to achieve goals, form new habits and create positive change.

We conduct small group workshops for teams.

We design experiences for team building events, company retreats, off-sites and annual days.

We create customized programs for companies in the areas of personal development and employee well being.



Concern for the Individual. We want his/her life to be better as a result of our interaction with them.

Workable Ideas. We work to deliver ideas and solutions that make sense and actually work.

Creativity. We strive to bring a fresh and unique approach to our offerings.

Giving. We aim to bring a spirit of generosity in our services.


Our team comprises of consultants who have a passion for creating high quality experiences and interventions.

N S Venkat

N S Venkat

Venkat has over twenty years of mentoring, counseling and coaching experience. He draws on his depth of experience of work involving conflict resolution, interpersonal relationship enhancement, team building, stress management and leadership development. His skill lies in breaking down the complexities of contemporary life into bite-sized issues which can then be dealt with on a simpler level. Through his deep involvement with people from diverse nationalities and cultures he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and insight into what makes people tick. He uses this experience to help his clients find solutions to their everyday challenges and build meaningful relationships.

John DSouza

John DSouza

John is a workshop facilitator and service designer. His work includes developing customized workshops and training programs and creating team building experiences. John focuses on designing services that bring about improvement, growth and flourishing in people's lives.

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly is an accomplished public speaker, soft skills trainer, and a certified coach with over two decades of work experience. She addresses a large number of topics ranging from self-improvement to motivation and goal setting. Her training methodology is engaging and entertaining and has helped thousands chart a path to greater professional and personal success.

Charishma Marie

Charishma Marie

Charishma has personal coached scores of individuals over the past eight years. Her consistent approach and commitment to her clients has helped countless chart new paths and nurture change in their outlooks, behaviors and attitudes. To help her clients achieve new levels of happiness and well-being she delivers a personal enrichment course which covers a wide array of topics on holistic living.

Enriched is built around the idea that life can be lived fully, richly and enjoyably despite the challenges and setbacks which we all face.

At Enriched we teach, we design and we inspire.

We teach concepts and principles that help people improve their lives.

We design events and experiences that are enriching.

We provide resources for people to be inspired about their own life and be an inspiration to others.

Enriched Research International LLP

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