The short term pain of apologizing is worth the long term gain of friendship.

The short term pain of apologizing is worth the long term gain of friendship.

By N.S. Venkat

Love – when we come across this word we commonly tend to think of love in terms of romance or getting connected to the dream person of our life. But that’s only a part of love or being loving. Love is many things and love can also be saying we’re sorry.

We spend over fifty percent of our time at the workplace working and interacting with our peers and colleagues. In other words, fifty percent of our life consists of being with people other than our families.  We can easily conclude that fifty percent of our happiness can be derived or lost at the workplace.

A friend was at an office party where after downing a few drinks he started ridiculing one of his colleagues. This led to his colleague being highly offended. Work resumed on Monday at the usual hour but these two pivotal members of their team were not talking to each other, nor looking the other in the eye. The tension in the air was palpable. Other members of their team noticed that something was amiss and this went on for a month. Their performance suffered and they dragged the whole team down with them.

This was eating away at the friend who had offended his colleague. He had said a few nasty things under the influence of alcohol and was desperate to make up with his colleague by saying sorry but his ego would not permit him to do so.

Neither of them wanted to confront the issue until they were given an ultimatum by their boss to shape up or ship out. Finally, the friend realized that his ego was costing him his happiness and peace of mind. He realized that all he had to say was sorry and he was finding it far more difficult to justify a false position than to simply apologize.

After much contemplation he finally decided to confront the issue by apologizing to his friend. This had a two-fold effect, he won his friend back and the two went on to win laurels for their company.  As the saying goes, “An admission of error evens the score and makes you wiser than before.”

The short term pain of apologizing is worth the long term gain of friendship.

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